Nail Foil Colorful Floral Nail Art Transfer Stickers Holographic Paper Manicure Tips

HOLO DESIGN – with different patterns and SOME are holographic. The holographic is amazing.
LASER EFFECT – This starry sky nail plate has a holographic effect. These look so cute and gorgeous on any colored nail polish.
INCREDIBLE ITEM – Amazing product that is great for gel polish! I have a variety of colors as stated in the product description and none of the colors were the same.
NOTE: Sheet glue is required when applying the stickers, but this set does not include the glue. This kit includes 10 rolls
Great gift for friends and family who love to do nail art.

Can be used for UV nails.
Nail art films create the perfect “mixed metal” finish for any nail polish color (dark nail polish is better)
The nail plate can be easily removed with a nail polish remover

How to use:
1. Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing back the cuticles and removing all oils (do this using a professional nail preparation, such as a fresh scrub or nail polish remover.
2. Apply a base coat and wait for it to dry.
3. Apply nail polish (dark color is better), wait for it to dry and apply nail polish again, wait for it to dry (not completely dry, a delicate fingerprint is left on the nails when you press your finger on the nail)
4. Press the film with the shiny side facing up on the nail and rub with your finger or, for a more precise application, use a rubber swab. (For best results, cut a piece of foil long enough for your nail, it’s easier to control and apply flat). Different colors of foils can be mixed on the nails
5. Remove the foil and the foil pattern should be attached to the nail. If a little is missing, just apply the top coat on the part not taken and repeat step 4
6. Once completely dry, apply one coat to protect the film.

More info : online nail supply store

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